Kloepfer, Inc. has diverse services that will match your needs. We have done everything from grading remote country roads to paving in the center of the city. We specialize in several areas, including site construction, road construction, asphalt paving, seal coat, chip seal, concrete delivery, gravel sales, and trucking. Whether the job is big or small, we can accommodate you.

We care about how the work is performed. We care about you. Together, we can have a great outcome.

In other words, when the job is complete we will both step back and feel confidence in a job well done. So call us; we’ll do it right.

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We are located in

Corporate Office

505 East Ellis P.O.
Box 840 Paul, ID 83347

Phone: 208-438-4525
Fax: 208-438-5030

Twin Falls

751 Madrona St. South
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Phone: 208-734-3924
Fax: 208-734-3928

Asphalt Plant

253 W. Highway 30
Burley, ID 83318

Phone: 208-678-9293

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