Southern Idaho Sand & Gravel

Kloepfer, Inc has thrived as a company in Southern Idaho for over 50 years. We’re familiar with the landscape because of the nature of our work. We have a constant view of Mount Harrison and we enjoy watching the meandering Snake River. But usually when we are at work, we are looking down at the dirt.

We’re very familiar with the rock, gravel, and sand in this area. We get our gravel and sands across the valley from Acequia to Oakley. We have whatever grade you need, and we will bring it to where you need it.

We always follow our standards of hard work and integrity even when it comes to sand and gravel. Through these standards, we guarantee quality products and outstanding service. That’s why our motto is “When Performance Counts”. We put 100% into every aspect of our company, and we put 100% into serving you.

Products Provided:

  • Sand
  • Smooth Rock
  • Fractured Rock
  • Road Base
  • Landscape Rock